Christopher Lloyd-Baron

Photographer & Designer

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Christopher Lloyd-Baron

Photographer & Designer

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Food Photography

There are few better marketing tools for a restaurant than professional food pictures.


People make decisions with their eyes. thats nothing new, but now almost everyone has a mobile device capable of searching for you. The question is; What do they see when they find you? There's a lot of competition out there and proudly displaying beautiful shots of your food elevates your business to a higher category. Quality food shots will often be the deciding factor between your restaurant and others listed.

Get Mobile

Site Design

Most people understand; having a website is a fundamental need. If your site is not mobile compliant Your business will rank low on Google search and if the desktop site is old and too large, may not load on many phones.


These days, people have very little tolerance for sites performing badly on their mobile devices, burning purchased download space. I believe people want fast and sparse information on a mobile site which is why I like to design a dedicated mobile version of a website. Take a look at the design page.

Marketing Tools

From menu designs to flyers, posters, social media to QR coding the right tools can double income.


Social media seems to be the phrase now for marketing and correctly used it can dramatically increase profits. However, designed printed material such as window decals, flyer's, menus, outside boards and local advertising is an important part of any high street business. Take a look at the tools page for some examples and ideas.

Digital Signage

TV is without doubt, the heavy weight champion of advertising and promotion. Now anyone can use it.


For a bar or pub serving quality food, there is no better way to encourage customers to 'see the menu'. It is no secret, seeing pictures of food makes people hungry.


There are many companies supplying Digital Signage and prices range from a few pounds per month to OMG. I create low cost designs that can be played on almost any wide screen TV, easily updated giving unlimited information to customers. Take a look at the DS page for more information.

All images by Christopher Lloyd-Baron. All rights reserved 24 Hour Media