Product photography has always been the root of successful marketing.

Once you have your own, a world of possibilities opens up.

Video  .  Menu design   .    Street advertising   .   Printed media 

There are so many ways a small business can grow and present themselves to a wider audience. I have listed a few here that I can design and have provided. Some need a little more work than others but all within everyone’s reach.


Over the last 30 years, I have seen so many ideas produce fantastic results and others that have gone nowhere. Win or fail, they have one thing in common; effort. Social media advertising is mostly free, but without constant application and support from pictures and text, it may not produce any result.


I can help with that, producing ideas, photography and designs and then suggesting efficient ways to put them all to work.


With each passing year, video has played an increasingly important role in our lives. Its everywhere and even more effective than still pictures. These days, almost everyone has access to video through their phones and as a consequence; many people expect to see a video element in their viewing experience.


People are seeking a high amount of information without the wanting to devote too much of their attention. We are all getting lazy.

Digital Sinage

Building a video information system is practical and realistic. Every business has access to high def (1080) TV's. That, and a simple video player is all thats needed to supply customers with an unlimited amount of information, 24/7.


More complicated systems are available, but for the small to medium sized businesses it can be very inexpensive and the ROI is often staggering.

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Printed media is still so very relavent, the ROI on on a targeted feature can be surprising.

Despite a world Online, I can think of few more effective marketing tools than a well designed trifold or similar. On the correct paper stock, they tend to remain with people for weeks or even months. For now, printed media is not going away and although more expensive, it's still very effective.

Concept designs by Christopher Lloyd-Baron


Menu's can be rich in design and provide important additional information.


Often, the menu is the only piece of your printed material the customer ever holds. It seems odd not to take advantage of this fact.


It's an opportunity to introduce new products, remind of coming events and even new services such as delivery or 'to go' availability.


Printing menus is cheap and often only a few dozen at any one time are needed. Changing the menu to reflect new products and promotions regularly seems prudent.


Sandwich boards, street signs, have been around for a long time and for good reason. If you have walk by traffic they can bring in a fantastic amount of business. People do read them, you read them.


The coffee board below showed amazing results instantly. The client (a restaurant) had no signs showing he had designer coffee available. Within an hour of placing this on the busy pavement, he had a long line waiting for coffee.


More than the coffee sales, he was able to show dozens of people his main menu.

The amount of locations on the net where you can advertise your business is mind numbing. There is one thing they all have in common; they are all graphic hungry. People now expect to see well designed graphics to accompany any message if not to explain  the entire message. Here are some examples of using designed graphics to get your message to the consumer quickly.

Strip pictures give an instant story and very useful for social media sites.

Web Graphics

There are now thousands of sites and social media pages dedicated to your industry.


EPK and QR Coding

EPK or Electronic Press Kits, can contain an immense amount of information while remaining easy to send from even your phones email. Everything from photo galleries, videos, text docs, social media links and more can be embedded within the document. This is perfect for any venue business.

QR coding has not taken off with the enthusiasm that it enjoys in Japan where it is extensively used. Even so, people in the west do use it and it can deliver huge amounts of information instantly.

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